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I’m Back!

March 5, 2012
by Kelly

Or at least I hope that I’m back! My blog was the unfortunate victim of a hacker a couple of weeks ago, and its been keeping me from being able to blog. But thanks to my smarty pants brother, I think I once again have control. Thank goodness! In the mean time, I’ve been up to lots of fun things—including jetting off to Hawaii and working on some design-y type things.

But before I share any of that, I still need to share more with you about my trip to Arizona, the Biltmore, and my excursions to the Botanical Gardens and Taliesin West. Because you know that just one post about the Biltmore and Arizona obviously wasn’t enough…

So hopefully I have all my hacker-related problems cleared up and I’ll be back with more for you tomorrow!

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