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Hello 2013.

January 23, 2013
by Kelly

This year I’ve been pretty slow to embrace the new year. Don’t get me wrong, I love the impetus that comes with every January 1st, driving me to set new goals and make resolutions for the year ahead. And this year, as always, there are plenty of things that I am resolved to accomplish. But at the same time, I’ve felt like I want to throw on the brakes and put 2013 off just a wee bit longer. Do you ever feel like that?

With a two month old in my arms, my two year old all of a sudden seems like a giant! Getting so big. So fast. Like I blinked, and he went from a tiny infant to a boisterous little boy overnight. And the reality of the new year, just seems to reinforce the feeling that time is slipping by much faster than I would like.

My crazy little man, 2 years old. | Hello Design, Meet Life...

{My Full-of-Personality 2 Year Old}

Now three weeks in, I think I am finally ready to embrace 2013 and let the motivation of a new year help push me back into regular life. It’s actually pretty good timing, as my littlest will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. (Yikes! That went crazy fast, right!?)

My little at 11 weeks. | Hello Design, Meet Life...

{My Littlest at 11 Weeks}

So I’m giving myself this one last week of “maternity leave.” One last week of just surviving. And then next week, I’m jumping back into it—trying to establish a routine, tackle some projects, and begin working towards the goals I’ve set for myself. Best of all, I’ll be getting back to blogging and you can expect to start seeing some weekly action around here once again! Aren’t you all excited now?

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend, and I’ll “see” you all back here next week. 2013? Bring it on!


Our Holiday Card {2012}

December 31, 2012
by Kelly

I think it would be a bit of an understatement to say that life has been slightly busy around here since my last post. Between becoming a family of four and all the holiday celebrations that have occurred over the past 8 or so weeks, life has been a whirlwind. While I’m loving it, I also feel like I am barely treading water right now trying to figure it all out. Seriously. Being a mom of two little ones is no joke! So, please forgive my absence while I take time to soak it all in and attempt to adjust to this new definition of my life…

That said, I have all intention of being back to blogging regularly real soon, and I promise to share highlights from my absence—and of course that includes all about the addition of our newest little, Mister Christopher! So while I may not quite have my act together yet, I still thought I’d pop in today (on the last day of the year!) to share our holiday card.


I got our cards through Minted. And the photo of my boys was taken by the talented Katie Welsh. I only wish I was that skilled behind my lens! But seriously, does that photo not melt your heart?


I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. That you have a fantastic New Year’s Eve. And that 2013 finds you happy, healthy and thankful for all the blessings in your life. I know that I am!

Peace. Love. Joy. And a Happy New Year!

Sneak Peak: Big Boy Room

October 26, 2012
by Kelly

I know that it’s been pretty darn quiet around here lately, and it probably seems like I’ve dropped of the face of the earth. But the truth is that between working on all our house projects, chasing my toddler around or trying to get him to nap, and doing my best to squeeze in precious sleep for myself whenever I can, I just haven’t found the time (or energy!) to blog. So I apologize. But I thought I’d pop in today to share a little sneak peak of the state of the Big Boy room—which our little man has been in for almost 3 weeks already!

In the space, we painted the walls with tone-on-tone stripes. Painted the ceiling. Painted out the illusion of crown molding. Installed new electrical and a ceiling fan. And installed new base and window trim.


I had every intention of refinishing the campaign dresser I found to use in the little man’s big boy room. I even bought the paint. But lack of time and energy resulted in the decision to just use the dresser we had picked up awhile back from Ikea. I’d love it to be a slightly darker blue. And I’d love to change out the hardware. But for now, it works.

We pillaged a few things from the nursery to make the big boy room have a hint of familiarity to make the transition for the little man a bit easier. We took both the bookcase and the nightstand, along with all the books, toys and one of the lamps. I’m not sure we’ll keep those items in the room, but until I figure out alternatives, the nursery will be fine without.

There is still quite a bit to do. Touch ups to make. Trim to finish. Real window treatments to install. Art and accessories to select. And quite a few things other things yet to figure out and purchase. But the transformation from what it used to look like, is coming along. Here is a side-by-side comparison for you:


And while I might not be ready to call the space done, I’m ecstatic that we finally have the little man in his big boy room and have the nursery is now freed up for his little brother’s impending arrival. The rest of the details will just have to happen as they happen. And I think I’m actually feeling okay about that. Or at least content in the fact that the little man seems to love his new room. And to be honest, the hubs and I kind of love it too. We might even be a bit jealous…

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