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Weekend Links: Hello Fall

October 1, 2012
by Kelly

It was another busy weekend around here, and the days flew right on by. Somebody tell me how is it already Monday!? But I didn’t want the day to slide by without sharing with you some Fall related links. So while it may no longer officially be the weekend, we have absolutely entered Fall. The nights are consistently cool and crisp and the trees have become a blaze of reds, oranges, and golds around here. Not to mention, that the calendar now tells us that the Fall season is upon us. I love Fall. Which I think I’ve mentioned before. I love sweater weather, where you don’t yet need a jacket yet. I love the warm, cozy colors of Fall. And I particularly love the flavors of Fall—apple or pumpkin anything is good by me. I only wish I had more time to read all the Fall related posts that have been popping up in blogosphere…

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite finds from last week!

• Amy had a great series going on over at her blog called Falling into Fall. The Apple Pancakes [ 1 ] and Pumpkin Spice Ice cream [ 2 ] looked particularly amazing and recipes I might just have to try.

• I probably won’t be doing much decorating for Fall this year. Maybe a few front-step Mums and some Halloween pumpkins. Otherwise, I think I probably have enough going on… But if you are looking for ideas, there were some fun Fall link up parties that happened last week. Of course if I were to really decorate, I’d be working on creating a Fall inspired mantel [ 3 ] or tablescape [ 4 ]. Are you doing any seasonal decorating this year?

• The graphic on this chest of drawers [ 5 ] reminds me a bit of Fall, with the lack of leaves on the tree limbs. But regardless of whether it’s Fall-ish or not, I think it’s amazing! Given that our second little one is showing up in a month, I’ve been trying to think of quick ways I could tweak the nursery to make it a little different for round two. And I’m thinking I might just attempt to redo the chest of drawers with some graphic pop like this one. What do you think?

• I absolutely jumped on the bandwagon and picked up some of the Andy Warhol soup cans from Target recently. I love all the DIY projects that are popping up around the blogosphere showcasing these fun objects. After all the yummy grill cheeses and tomato soup lunches we’ll eat, I think I’ll do what Ashley did at Under the Sycamore to preserve my cans [ 6 ]. Did anyone else pick themselves up some Warhol edition soup?

Have a great Monday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Project Craziness Update

September 28, 2012
by Kelly

It’s been another crazy week around here. The little man has been sick. I’ve been sick. And the hubs has been on the verge of coming down sick himself. Sleep has been a struggle too. For all of us. So needless to say, it’s been a really awesome week. I’ll be sharing my usual weekend links at some point over weekend, but I thought I’d pop in this evening and share a little bit of the project craziness that has been going on around here since we got back from being up North.

It seems like it’s been absolute chaos around here. Probably more so than it really is. But things have been out of place and disheveled for over three weeks now. And it’s honestly starting to wear on us a bit. We actually kicked this project madness off with a bit of craziness by having three different trades come to our house the day after Labor Day, while we were trying to work around them. We had a painter to finished the trim work on our new windows. (Which I owe you a post about.) We had a licensed electrician moved an outlet and fixed the issue with the electrical box in the Kiddo Bath. And we had a drywall guy out to repaired a few holes and skim one of the walls in the big boy room that was in really rough shape. That’s a lot. Or at least, it felt like a lot. But, things are coming along. Albeit, slowly.

In the big boy room, we’ve managed to do quite a bit. But it still feels like we are so far away from getting it wrapped up and getting the little man settled into his new space. (Which is causing me a bit of anxiety, as we need to get him in there and free up the nursery for his little brother—due in 5 very short weeks!) We started by patching the walls and (as I said) having one of the walls skim coated.

While we waited out the four days it took to have that one wall skimmed, we removed the old baseboards and painted out all the casework around the doors. We also bought new baseboards and primed and painted them as well. We’ve installed them. But there is still caulking and touch up to do before I can call that task complete. I also ended up redoing the finishing work around the new window, as I was unhappy with the painter’s attention to detail, so I scraped, re-caulked, and touched up the new trim.

Even though we tested paint colors, we have now ended up painting the room multiple times. After the primer coat, we applied the first base coat—just to notice when it dried that our paint had been tinted wrong and was significantly darker than the test sample. The people at my Sherwin Williams paint store are awesome though, and worked really hard with me to correct the issue. So we ended up painting the room a few times. And we’ve had to paint the newly skimmed wall more than a few extra times, as the primer we used did not seal up the new mud correctly. Even painting it one more time last night. Fail.

I had originally taped off stripes for the little man’s room, using the yellow Frog Tape. But if you caught my Instagram, the tape had issues sticking to the wall. Another fail. I’ve begun to re-tape since. But it’s been a slightly painful process, as I’ve already done it once. But hopefully, we will wrap up the painting this weekend by painting out the stripes, painting the ceiling, and maybe even painting the campaign dresser that I scored on Craigslist and want to use for the little man.

Of course, the work in the little man’s room has meant that other areas of our house are in a state of upheaval as well. Since we’ve been doing a lot of painting work, our garage has become our makeshift workshop, which has forced our cars to be parked out in our driveway—for over three weeks now.

And our “new” guest bedroom has become a bit of a dumping ground. Which has posed a slight issue when I’ve been snoring at night from being preggos and sick, and the hubs wants a bed to escape to so that he can actually get some sleep.

We’ve also torn up our basement, by starting to clear things out and selling off what we don’t want on Craigslist. And we’ve begun patching and priming the walls down there. But I’ll save the basement and our plans for the basement for another day, as this post is getting long and I have painting to get to! Wish me luck that it gets done!

Has anyone else been working on a home improvement project that seems to be taking forever?

Weekend Links: Campaigning

September 23, 2012
by Kelly

Some how this weekend totally got away from me. And I’m just now getting around to sharing my weekend links with you! Better late than never, right?

One of the projects I was hoping to work on over the weekend was refinishing the campaign chest I found on Craigslist a few weeks ago. (Which I wasn’t able to get to. Boo.) Like many others, I fell in love with the campaign dresser look through the pages of Lonny (below). Seeing the fun color contrasting with the shiny accent of the metallic hardware, and I was smitten. And truth be told, I had been on the lookout for one ever since.

When I started thinking about putting together our little man’s big boy room, I knew I wanted to utilize the campaign style. I loved the idea of the masculine lines, infused with a fun playful color. Add the bonus that there is no protruding hardware to cause offending injuries, and I was convinced that it was the perfect solution for the little guy’s space. After over a year of looking for one, I was somehow lucky enough to find one on Craigslist recently. And once I refinish it, I think it will be amazing.

I’m thinking our little campaign chest will end up blue or green, like many of these inspiration re-dos. But I’m not quite sure yet. Any opinions?

{Left to Right}  TOP ROW: Lara Spencer via Redbook, Little Green Notebook |  MIDDLE ROW: Innovative Interior, Centsational Girl |  BOTTOM ROW: LonnyGood Bones, Great Pieces

So what do you think of campaign furniture? Are you obsessed like me? Or do you not get the appeal?

*If you love the style and and looking for some more campaign related inspiration, I’ve started a Campaign Love board on Pinterest that you can follow.

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